For me, if I can do something that makes a difference that’s what matters. That’s what gets me up in the morning. The way that luxury brands operate in the industry is very important to me.” Julia Carrick; Livoos Board Member, Founder and formerly Publisher & Global President of FT ‘How To Spend It’, Current: Publisher Country and Town House


  • Livoos is the online luxury lifestyle shopping destination that puts charitable giving at the centre.
  • We are the first company in the world to donate 50% of our revenue to your charitable causes – at no extra cost to you, the consumer.
  • The revolutionary new feature we have introduced allows you to associate your favourite cause with your luxury lifestyle purchase.


“I believe that social thinking and acting is essential for the business of today and of tomorrow, brands that act with conscience and careful consideration will be at the forefront of social thinking and social commerce.”

Adam Fine, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunhill

“Johnstons of Elgin are pleased to be associated with Livoos, an exciting new twist on luxury shopping. It’s true, Giving is the Greatest Luxury!”

Johnstons of Elgin

“To participate with Livoos, where the leitmotif is giving and is placed at the heart of luxury lifestyle shopping, is complementary to the philanthropic outlook that Backes & Strauss holds. It is encouraging that the luxury industry has united to give back.”

Knadjian Vartkess, Backes & Strauss




“The goal for Livoos is to encourage ethical responsibility, giving is at the centre of the business model.

“It’s a storytelling platform just as much as it is a shopping platform.”

“Livoos will represent causes that don’t normally get enough visibility.”

“The Livoos Curated Collection will be selected by game changers so that there’s a resonance with consumers and they select a cause that’s close to their hearts. It’s an emotional edit. ”

“Livoos is luxury with change.”

Flavio Amorelli; CEO and Founder of Livoos


“We want to invite editors to style for good. The core DNA is about this encounter.”

“For many years I have been exploring luxury technology. Livoos is a platform that connects luxury DNA with digital. It allows you to be in love with and own beautiful products, and have a positive impact at the same time.”

“Livoos: a smart way of shopping, a smart way of living.”

“Livoos is about expanding luxury boundaries to create an emotional journey for conscious consumers.”

Kamel Ouadi; Board Member of Livoos


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