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We are proud to share a recent shift in our business model. We are becoming a unique Social Impact Marketing agency and we will design amazing campaigns together with our brand and charity partners to tackle social issues within a shared vision: business can do more for our environment, communities and to leave things better than we found them. The campaigns will be authentic and original ideas of how shopping can make a difference in a smart way and how a community of brands, charities and customers together can be the catalyst for positive change. Stay tuned, more to come.

cesvi house of smiles


A little taste of luxury feels like a much-needed vacation. A chance to indulge in something that helps us feel better, look better and take a step back from the pressures of our daily routine.

However, there are times when we crave a deeper connection and we aren’t sure where to look.

Being part of a community can help to close the gap. A community means that there are people ready to support us when we need a boost and we offer support in return, in whatever ways we can, whether it’s financial, moral support or offering our unique skills to help a cause we care about.

In today’s world, our connections have increased and our community is getting wider by the day. Social media means we’re in almost constant conversation with someone, somewhere, somehow.

Yet what we risk losing is the true human connection that comes from a personal touch and an authentic relationship. Humans are social creatures by nature and we all want to feel we belong. Here at Livoos, we are creating a community of conscious consumers who are empowered to make meaningful connections in simple yet powerful ways. Finding new ways to connect.




caudwell children



April is recognised as National Autism Awareness Month. For many people, especially those with learning disabilities or those who work as full-time carers for disabled children or family members, life can feel isolating at times. The work of charities like The National Autistic Society and Autism Support UK provide vital information and support for families so that they never feel alone.

These charities achieve great things by educating the public about difference. Giving us generous ways to listen, connect, speak up, give back and get involved to create a more inclusive society.

We all want to get involved and be part of something meaningful. We don’t always know how.

Luckily, being part of the Livoos tribe gives you a head start.

When you buy Monnalisa children’s products at, 50% of our revenue goes directly to support the children’s charity of your choice. At no extra cost to you.




cesvi house of smiles


We have two children’s charities of the month for April:

  • Cesvi House of Smiles – giving underprivileged children across the world a sense of belonging and offering food, protection, medical care, psychological support and recreational activities.
  • Caudwell Children – transforming the lives of disabled children and their families across the UK by providing access to specialist therapy, medical services and family holidays.



Ready for a challenge?

Why not use this month as a wonderful opportunity to reach out and make connections with people you don’t usually meet. To use your impressive influence to include someone on the fringes of your network. To take the time to listen to someone who is too often ignored. To invite someone to an event you’re hosting that wouldn’t usually be on the guest list. Or to reconnect with an old friend.

Challenge yourself to make the most surprising, unusual or inspiring connections you can.


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