We live in times where uncertainty, fear, confrontation, contradictions and conflicts have influenced the way we live creating 3 main paradoxes:   More Communication, less communication. We have made huge technological progress with unprecedented communication tools that allow anyone to communicate with almost anyone else in the world no matter their language, creed, and beliefs … Continue Reading

While women traditionally receive the majority of attention on the red carpet, it’s well worth noting that men have been quietly upping their game in the sartorial stakes. The tuxedo continues to be the standard, but it is attention to detail – personalisation is everything – that makes all the difference. Here are five strong … Continue Reading

Sustainable excellence is something upon which Eco-Age prides itself. The Green Carpet Challenge initiative, adopted by the company’s Founder and Creative Director, Livia Firth, is about bringing this ethical aesthetic to the forefront of the fashion industry and building advocates for the cause. This was perfectly demonstrated on the red carpet at this year’s Met … Continue Reading