While women traditionally receive the majority of attention on the red carpet, it’s well worth noting that men have been quietly upping their game in the sartorial stakes. The tuxedo continues to be the standard, but it is attention to detail – personalisation is everything – that makes all the difference.

Here are five strong contenders for best dressed man on the red carpet:


A tuxedo that flirts with brown might sound like a bit of a bad dream, but not on Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., better known by his stage name Common. Not at this year’s Met Gala.

The rapper, actor, and activist manages to pull off this Calvin Klein Collection wool silk tuxedo in oxblood, proving that he’s every inch as smooth as his lyrics suggest.


Wide lapel or skinny? Perhaps something contrasting? The Luu Brothers went all out to showcase three takes on the classic black tux at the China Fashion We-Media Awards 2016.

Think Dolce & Gabbana, think sophisticated, smart.


Chilled, relaxed, and ever so slightly rumpled – only Robert Downey Jr. could carry off this silk Givenchy ensemble without looking try-hard hipster.

The shades? Perfect accessorising for the Captain America Civil War World Premiere in Los Angeles.


Smart means many things to many people. Tom Hiddleston, in our eyes, is smart.

Case in point: the sharp, tailored Burberry tux he wore at this year’s BAFTA TV Awards. The man rarely gets it wrong.


A rose by any other name… in this case, a silk rose that takes the place of the traditional bow tie as demonstrated by Jared Leto is precisely how to customise a look.

Jared wore custom Gucci; a black evening suit complete with red piping, black shirt, said silk rose and the most luxurious velvet slippers that ever graced the 8th Academy Awards red carpet. Yes, that’s crystal snake detailing.

Et bilde publisert av Gucci (@gucci)


Text by Judi Lembke

Graphic Design: Katrien Riks

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