Imagine a world … where every purchase of luxury goods benefits the cause closest to your heart.

Sustainability, social responsibility, and mindfulness have been big buzzwords for the past few years. Livoos has taken these words and puts them into action. How? By creating a revolutionary new business model that puts charitable giving at the centre of your shopping experience.

In practical terms this means you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to giving. Every time you make a luxury lifestyle purchase on Livoos we donate half of our revenue (at no extra cost to you) to the charity of your choice.

Giving to the cause closest to your heart through Livoos allows you to associate your giving and goodwill with your purchasing power. Additionally, your name is associated with some of the biggest players in the business and fashion industries, all of whom have joined Livoos on our epic journey in creating a sustainable economic model for the future.

Can you imagine a world where every purchase of luxury goods benefits the cause closest to your heart? You don’t have to imagine any more. The dream has come true, the dream is now, and it is happening on Livoos.

We’re very proud to be supporting a wide array of charities and it is wonderful to hear how important our new business model will be in benefiting those who need us most.

My Small Help is proactive in seeking partnerships to raise awareness of children and disabled persons living in poverty, and to source new funding opportunities to educate these individuals and empower them to thrive in life. Livoos is intriguing as it bridges the gap between business and being a social agent for positive change. We chose to partner with Livoos because Livoos provides MSH with an effective and respected platform to showcase our foundational incentives to a global socially intelligent audience and we very much look forward to the upcoming launch as we are so pleased to be part of the Livoos ethos.”

Kim Karmozyn, Trustee,

Youmanity is excited to be part of this new venture with Livoos. Our mission is social inclusion and promoting a new way of thinking, to incorporate a better view of the world into our everyday lives. To this end Youmanity and Livoos are in unison and we look forward to growing together.”

Angelo Judice, Founder, Youmanity

We are pleased to be featured as one of Livoos’ causes. Livoos is an exciting venture that will provide us with a potentially new income stream, and an opportunity to reach out to new audiences. “

Ali Stunt, Chief Executive Officer, Pancreatic Cancer Action.

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